Catching Up With Sammi Gyerman

Aug. 20, 2015


Q: Where are you spending your summer?
A: I am spending my summer at home, in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, with my family! My younger brother is also home from college so I am happy the whole gang is back together.

Q: What are you doing there?
A: Basically I spend a lot of my weekdays at the beach because it isn’t as crowded then. 2:00-4:45 is prime tanning time so if you ever need to find me, you know where to look. My weekends are full of softball. I play for a 23 and under summer league and it is the best part of my summer. I get to meet and hangout with awesome girls who are from California but play in different states too. It is fun comparing what our schools are like. So far from all of the stories and comparing that I have done over the past three years playing for the Shilos, The University of Iowa easily takes the cakes as the best school with the best perks. I am so grateful that I rep the Hawkeyes in Cali.

Q: If you have a job or an internship, what do you do? What does an average day on the job look like?
A: I actually am not working this summer. Shocker. But, I do help my friend’s mom who owns her own employment agency. Whenever a company contacts her with a temporary job that needs to be filled she contacts me too see if I can fill that job. So, I guess you can say I worked a total of 4 days this summer. After my freshman year, I worked at a cemetery. I was a receptionist and had the whole 8-5 gig for about 2 months. Never again. Once you go through a winter in Iowa, you’ll understand why I will never miss another summer out in the sun.

Q: Favorite summer activities?
A: My favorite summer activities would have to be going to the beach…duh. Also, I love hanging out with my little sister and teaching her how to drive. She turns 16 in September. At night we put the top down on my convertible, blast music and drive around the neighborhood. It’s a great time, and she actually isn’t a bad driver for a 15-year-old girl who knows every lyric of every One Direction song and is obsessed with Supernatural.

Q: Favorite song to listen to in the summer? Why?
A: My favorite summer tunes have to be from my favorite band Pepper. Their latest album is awesome.

Q: Favorite place to go in your summer city? Why?
A: Favorite place to go during the Summer is…..the beach. Crazy right? It’s my get away. No one bothers you at the beach and it really takes your mind off things.

Q: Best thing you’ve done so far this summer?
A: I have been able to see almost all of my team this summer. I have seen Haley, Erin, Whitney, Alyssa, Chip, Ali, Ang, Megan, Dani, and Kara. They are my best friends. Seeing them makes for the best times. I actually spent Fourth of July with Haley. She came down to visit and it we went to Hermosa Beach and she met some of my high school friends. It was an awesome time. I still have your shoes Haley.

Q: What do you miss the most about living in Iowa City?
A: I MISS MY TEAM! I miss going to the field and hitting dingers and messing around. I miss the clan of mopeds driving from practice, to the training room, then to dinner at Hillcrest. Hillcrest… I miss eating with the team at Hillcrest. Best times with and the most laughs is when we are eating at Hillcrest.

Q: How are you training for next season?
A: Coach Walrod is kicking our butts. Those medicine ball workouts are tough. Coach B also texts us about every two weeks to work on our mental game. So as for training goes, our coaches are on top of it making sure we come back prepared. Playing in the summer league helps a lot too, because I get to see live pitching. I can’t tell you enough… going even a couple weeks without seeing live pitching really takes a toll on your game.

Q: What specific area of your game are you working on this summer?
A: I just want to make sure I am prepared mentally. At this point in your career you have the tools and the ability; it’s just about how you use them. For me, it is about the confidence along with some swagger. Finding my edge and the routines and mental thoughts that make me most successful.

Q: What are you most excited about for the upcoming year? Why?
A: I am so excited to meet the newbies and show them how we work at Iowa. Though most of our team isn’t from Iowa, there is a work ethic that we hold on our field. We like to call it the Iowa way. I am going to make sure we implement that extra hard this year, so we never leave the field without some bloody knees, a heavy arm or pit stains.

Q: Anything else you want to say about your summer?
A: I want to thank my Mom and Dad for being amazing parents. They have allowed me to do so much traveling this summer to see my friends. They show me endless love and support and I don’t know where I would be without them. Shout out to my mom who does my laundry, my Dad who buys me anything if I beg long enough, and shout out to both of them for STILL loving me no matter how many times I dye my hair pink or how many fuzzy creatures I bring home without telling them. Mom and Dad, you guys rock.

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