10 Questions with Kristen Thoms

Sept. 24, 2015



IOWA CITY, IowaKristen Thoms, a five star recruit from LaGrange, Illinois is heading into her first season as a Hawkeye. Thoms, ranked as high as No. 44 in 2015 recruiting class is looking forward to the upcoming Furman Fall Classic. Hawkeyesports.com caught up with the freshman to preview the upcoming season.


What was the main reason for choosing Iowa?
“When I first visited I liked the campus. I thought I could see myself here and I wanted to join a team that could improve. I didn’t want a team that was already on top, I wanted a team that we could make better.”

How have you adjusted to Iowa City life?
“I’m from a big city, Chicago, so it’s been a little different because everything is so close and easy. It hasn’t been too much trouble, but it has been tough being without my friends back home.”

How have your teammates helped you with the transition?
“They have been awesome. They are always willing to help, giving us rides, and it’s been great.”

What is your favorite thing about Iowa City?
“I like the tennis center the best. It’s really nice and convenient.”

What are your goals going into your first season as a Hawkeye?
“My goals are set pretty high. I want to get into the NCAA Tournament, definitely with the team first, but also as an individual.”

Are you excited about the upcoming Furman Fall Classic?
“Yeah, I’m really excited to cheer for a team. I’m used to individual competition.”

What do you typically do before a match? Routine?
“I am very superstitious, I eat the same stuff, I listen to the same playlist,

What is your favorite food?
“Cheese pizza.”

What is your favorite mobile app?
“I don’t keep apps on my phone. I have so many pictures that there isn’t enough room.”

What is your favorite hobby or thing to do besides tennis and school?
“I like to run a lot, listen to music, hang out with my friends, and shop.”

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