Making a Difference

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa junior Hayvn Monteer received the “Making a Difference Award” — an honor that has nothing to do with her play for the Hawkeyes’ softball program. Monteer received the distinction from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
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“She is humble about what she does,” said Iowa head coach Renee Gillispie. “We know as coaches that she received that award because it was a report that came through to us. We didn’t even hear it from her.”
Monteer, a human physiology major, has been working at the hospital for a few months in the Day of Surgery department. The nurses and doctors in the department took note of her work and saw how she was making a difference in the community.
“I knew exactly who nominated me,” said Monteer. “It was one of the nurses in the department I work in. She is just a sweetheart.”
Monteer has had a passion for hospitals and patients ever since she was 8-years-old.
“Even when I was 14, I tried to volunteer at the hospital where I grew up, but you had to be 18 to do it,” said Monteer. “When I came here, I didn’t know what the opportunities were because I was so busy with softball and school. Finally, I went in and saw what opportunities were out there.”
Despite her time-consuming schedule as a student-athlete, Monteer still finds time to work at the hospital one day a week to do what she loves.
“I work three hours a week,” she said. “I help the nurses re-do rooms and get them ready for the day. I move beds around, move patients in and out of rooms, and do a lot of charting. I also go talk to patients, which is my favorite part.”
Gillispie and the Iowa coaching staff are proud of Monteer  for giving back to the community.
“It took her two years to get on the list for the Children’s Hospital,” said Gillispie. “That’s tenacity. She is special, she’s always giving back and always looking at community service projects to be involved in.”
Monteer is making a difference off the field, but she has also stepped up on the field.
“The last two years I was an underclassman, but now I am a junior and there are only two seniors,” said Monteer. “Stepping up into a (leadership role) and taking charge is going to be important for us. We have a young outfield this season. I am on the only outfielder returning.”
Monteer knows that leading the outfield freshmen is her biggest role right now.
“Getting to know the other outfielders is important,” she said.  “Along with that is helping them through what I had to go through my first two years. That is understanding the transition into college softball.”
Gillispie couldn’t be more pleased with how Monteer has developed into a leader this fall.
“She’s the type of quiet leader you want on a team,” Gillispie said. “This is a game of failures and she is one that shows them that failures are OK, just get back on your feet and get it done. That’s how she gives most to our team is by example.”