Softball Countdown: Bradi Wall

Jan. 3, 2013

Softball Countdown: Bradi Wall

In our countdown to the start of the 2013 softball season, we will feature all 24 Hawkeyes over the next month.

Bradi Wall is a senior infielder from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. Wall did not play prep softball, as it was not sponsored in her hometown. She played on the boys’ baseball team.

Wall was introduced to softball at Iowa Western Community College in 2010 and 2011 before transferring to the University of Iowa. Last year as a junior, she started 52 games at second base. Wall batted .211 with 17 runs scored and 14 RBI. She swiped four bases and turned in five multi-hit and two multi-RBI games. Wall, who wears No. 18, tallied five doubles and four walks. Defensively, she led the Hawkeye middle infield that turned 26 doubles plays (.49 per game), the sixth-highest total in the country.

A member of the Canadian Women’s National Baseball Team (2009, 2011, 2012), Wall was selected as recipient of the team’s 2012 Jimmy Rattlesnake Award. The award is presented annually to the player who shows great performance and sportsmanship.

Iowa opens the season Feb. 8 in Houston, Texas. The Hawkeyes face Lipscomb and UT Arlington at the Hilton Houston Plaza Classic.

What is it like working with Coach Looper and the coaching staff?
“It’s great. All of the coaches are very knowledgeable in each aspect and they push you to get better each day. They expect nothing less than 100-percent, 100-percent of the time. By having these high expectations for us and by the team working hard we will continue to get better and be successful this upcoming season.”

What was the key factor in your recruitment that led you to Iowa City and the Hawkeye softball program?
“What it means to be a Hawkeye softball player. We have what is called the pillar with five words on it that describes what we are. They are teamwork, discipline, loyalty, integrity and respect. Also, knowing that this team is dedicated to being Big Ten champs and making it to the postseason.”

What did you do during your free time over the summer?
“Work and play baseball. I played for Team Canada at the Women’s World Cup in Edmonton, Alberta, where Team Canada ended the tournament with a bronze medal, defeating Australia in the final game.”

How is your academic path coming along?
“It’s going great. I am a sociology major with a criminology track. I will be graduating this May. I plan to go back to Canada and go into RCMP training (police).”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“My dad. He is my hero and has always been there for me. If I am half the person that my dad is then I will be good to go. I can go to him for anything and he always seems to know the right things to say.”

What is your first softball memory?
“Well, I only started playing softball in college four years ago. So my first softball memory is showing up to my first practice at Iowa Western Community College. My first baseball memory was when I was five years old and I was on my first team, our catcher was so scared to catch the ball and he ran away every time the pitcher started to pitch. So they put me behind the plate to catch because I wasn’t scared of the ball.”

Do you have any hobbies?
“I collect pins from places I travel. I have collected over 250 pins over the years.”

Who is your favorite professional athlete?
“For baseball, it’s J.P. Arencibia, the catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. For hockey, it’s Dion Phaneuf, defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs.”

If you were cast on a reality TV show, which one would you prefer to be on and why?
“The Amazing Race. I would want to do it with my dad. I like watching that show and I’ve always wanted to try it. I would be able to travel the world with my dad.”

What is your favorite TV show?
“Chopped or The Looney Tunes show. I wish I could cook like the people on the cooking shows, and I am still a little kid at heart so I love my cartoons!”

What did you want to grow-up to be when you were a kid?
“A police officer, and I still do.”

What is your favorite place to be on campus?
“The softball field.”

As a spectator, what is your favorite sport?

Do you have any superstitions, on or off the playing field?
“Plenty! Never step on the foul lines is the first and foremost. Megan Blank and I wear an arm wrist band which has to be worn. I have this routine for going up to bat that I must do every time. Have to put my helmet, batting gloves and elbow guard on the same way every time if I am on a hitting streak. I have to write FTL (which means For The Lord) in the dirt before every game. I must go through all the handshakes that each of my teammates have before the game. Tor Hawley and I must write our numbers in the dirt beside each other. Just to name a few.”

What is your favorite restaurant in the Iowa City area?
“Texas Roadhouse. They have great steak, pulled pork, and BBQ chicken. Also, of course the bread with the cinnamon butter!”

What is your most memorable baseball memory?
“My most memorable memory would be making Team Canada for the first time and getting MVP in the final game. Also, receiving the Jimmy Rattlesnake award for the Women’s Team Canada Baseball team in 2012.”

What would be your ideal career?
“A police officer. That’s what I am working towards right now. Or, wishful thinking is having some sort of Major League Baseball for women and getting paid to play the sport that I love.”