Catching Up With Holly Hoffman

August 14, 2015


Q: Where are you spending your summer?
A: In Iowa City.

Q: What are you doing there?
A: I am taking a summer class, Organic Chemistry 2, and studying for the MCAT. I’ll take it in August right before I come back to school.

Q: What does your typical day look like?
A: I go work out, go to class, and study. Not always in that order.

Q: Favorite summer activities?
A: Sleeping in and working out. I also enjoy playing on my travel softball team for a couple weekends. The games are always fun and laid-back.

Q: Favorite song to listen to in the summer? Why?
A: Elastic Heart by Sia. I love listening to the song when I work out. It has a fast pace, and makes me want to work harder.

Q: Best thing you’ve done so far this summer?
A: I went canoeing with friends. We had four canoes in our group and every single one tipped over. It was hilarious watching and trying to get back into the canoes. I also went home to see my puppy. He is a French Bulldog named King Louie.

Q: If you are in Iowa City, what do you love most about Iowa City summers?
A: I love how relaxing the summers are. I get to make my schedule depending on how I feel. I also love the town itself, because you can find whatever activity you are looking for. Half off movie tickets at Sycamore Theatre are my favorite!

Q: How are you training for next season?
A: I am working out and putting the time in to get better physically. I am playing on a travel team so I can see live pitching all summer.

Q: What specific area of your game are you working on this summer?
A: I am working on sharpening my hitting skills. I want to have better plate awareness and limit the amount of good pitches I let go by. I also want to take better quality swings. I am trying to foul fewer balls off and put those pitches into play.

Q: What are you most excited about for the upcoming year? Why?
A: I am very excited about this coming year. It’s my last year and I want to go out with a bang!

Q: Anything else you want to say about your summer?
A: Summer has been fun, but I’m ready to get back to school and softball. Go Hawks!

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