Homegrown Hawkeyes: Sarah Lehman

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Each week the University of Iowa softball team will feature one native Iowan on their journey to Iowa City. This week features sophomore Sarah Lehman.

IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa softball sophomore Sarah Lehman grew up in Iowa City. She went to high school at Regina and played volleyball at Coe College for her freshman year. Lehman transferred Iowa to play softball under head coach Renee Gillispie.

I’ve lived Iowa City my whole life. I was born and raised in Iowa City. I have lived in this college town but I haven’t seen all of it. It’s all been a dream to be a Hawkeye, ever since I have gone to all the football games growing up.”

“My older brother goes to Iowa now. My cousin played football at UNI and my mom went to Iowa, she played softball at Truman state then transferred to Iowa.”

“My mom currently works at the University as a nurse at student-health. I live on the really deep east side of Iowa City so I’m not usually at the college part of town. Sometimes as a family we would come to eat downtown, but all-in-all I wasn’t near the college part much. It is cool to see the college part of Iowa City from a student-athletes perspective.

“When I was in high school and lived here I wouldn’t notice students. My dad has a house by Kinnick for tailgating. We would always tailgate there and go to the games and cookout. I would always look forward to that. I also went to Iowa softball games growing up. It is cool to now be a student-athlete and be someone that I used to look up to.”

“Iowa City is really different from Coe but in a good way. Coe is obviously a smaller school. The sports are different and the intensity of the sport is different. There is no off-season here. We are playing all the time working towards our goals. Now I have to work a lot harder, because in order to reach our goals working hard is the only way of getting us there. Classes are different too. I wasn’t used to the big class sizes so I just had to adjust. My time management has really improved because with classes, practice, and conditioning it forces you to make time for everything.

“I love Iowa a lot. It’s awesome to be an athlete in a Power Five conference. Coming in, I was so nervous and there was so many emotions stepping on the diamond for the first time because it was something I have watched and dreamed of doing since I was a little girl. This is where I want to be and I know this is where I should be. I am really excited for this spring.”