Academic Success


Student Athletes at the University of Iowa have access to one of the finest academic centers in the country. The Gerdin Athletic Learning Center (GALC) provides student-athletes with a place to study and utilize academic resources such as tutors and computing facilities. The 28,000 square foot building also includes office spaces, computer and study labs on the first and second floor as well as a refueling station.


Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an important part of student-athlete’s academic careers. One of the most important relationships a student-athlete will develop in college is with their Athletic Academic Coordinator and their academic advisor. Academic coordinators monitor the academic progress, registration and eligibility of Field Hockey student-athletes. They communicate directly with the coaching staff concerning student needs and progress. They communicate regularly with students-athletes and meet weekly with all new student-athletes and designated upperclassmen. In addition to Academic Coordinators, student-athletes are assigned a university advisor in the student’s designated degree program. Academic Coordinators support campus advisors by reviewing student-athlete class schedules and focusing on progress towards degree requirements with an eye towards graduation. The Academic Coordinator will educate student-athletes on institutional, conference, and NCAA academic guidelines and monitor their degree progress to assure that both graduation and athletic eligibility requirements are met.


Tutoring is available to all student-athletes, free of charge. The Student-Athlete Academic Services staff includes dozens of tutors and learning assistants that can help with course content as well as study strategies. With an array of subject-matter experts, tutors are available in many general education program subjects including natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and the humanities. Capitalizing on free tutoring is a strategy that can help students master course material and/or improve grades.

Learning Assistants

Our Learning Specialist and team of Learning Assistants provide an additional layer of academic support services to student-athlete. They are assigned to work one-on-one with student-athletes based on the students’ individual needs.