Hawkeyes Battle Weather at Big Ten Double Dual

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IOWA CITY, Iowa – The University of Iowa women’s rowing team returned to Lake MacBride for their lone home event of the season against Wisconsin and Minnesota, earning victories in both novice and varsity boats on Saturday.
“We have spent a lot of time on Lake MacBride, so it was great to finally be able to race here today. I was my first time racing here and it was nice to have the lay of the land. We had confidence going into the event, but much respect to the other teams for how they raced today. We’re going to need to be effective coming down the stretch but we have confidence in our abilities.”
“It was great to be able to hold a home event. We had so many supporters here for us and the kids are comfortable on this lake. We’re all great friends, the coaches within the Big Ten, so it’s great to have friends over to your house every once in a while. We’re learned some things from today and we had encouraging results from our inexperienced rowers in the novice eight who hadn’t experienced a race day before. Our varsity eight has stayed on form and got done what they needed to get done.”
We have quite a bit of maturity within our team. Along with that maturity comes hand-me-down knowledge. Now we have older women on the team working with the younger women and bringing them into the fold. They’re a real pleasure to work with.”
“We identified some scenarios we need to work on. We need to work on some technical points and staying focused and composed during the stress of racing. Water conditions were very fair in that all crews faced the same challenges, but I think in several circumstances our opponents managed those better than we did. This was one of those character-building days where we had to deal with headwinds, crosswinds, and bouncing around.”
The Hawkeyes arrived on Lake MacBride to a brisk 31-degrees. Subtle winds rocked the water in the early hours and picked up aggressively as the day progressed. Winds exceeded 10 miles per hour at the height of afternoon competition causing wave swells and creating steering challenges for the athletes.
II Novice Eight: The Hawkeyes started the day with a first-time performance from the II Novice Eight this season against both the Gophers and Badgers. The crew fell behind both teams early and finished in the third position. The crew made significant gains in the afternoon, racing much closer with Wisconsin and Minnesota but was not able to make up the complete gap and again crossed the line in third position.
I Novice Eight: The crew opened their first competition of the season with a stunning victory by seven seconds over the favored Badgers in the morning session.  The crew struggled early in the rough conditions against Minnesota and gave up close to a boat-length to the Gophers in the first half of the course.  Minnesota wasn’t able to stretch the lead any further but maintain their lead to finish that length in front.
II Varsity Four: Despite strong starts in every boat, the 2V4 could not keep pace with a strong Wisconsin crew.  The crew had just as much trouble finding traction in the second leg of the day, falling behind the Gophers early and never being able to recover.
I Varsity Four: This crew was able to get out to a good start against Wisconsin in the first round of racing.  The Badgers started to pull away in the second 500m and the Hawkeyes were not able to keep pace.  Wisconsin was able to take advantage of the lead and stretched it over the second half of the course, finishing with a solid lead over the Hawkeyes.  Iowa was caught off guard and unprepared for the start in the afternoon and gave up a significant margin to the Gophers early.  Once in front, Minnesota took full advantage of being out of the Hawks’ sight and grew their lead over the full course finishing with a commanding lead.
II Varsity Eight: In the opener against Wisconsin, the Hawkeyes jumped out to an early lead and crossed the mid-way point with a half boat-length lead.  Wisconsin laid down a devastating third 500m to row through Iowa and gain the advantage going into the final quarter.  The move took its toll on the Hawkeyes and at the line, the Wisconsin advantage was almost two lengths. The Hawks fell victim to poor circumstance in the afternoon with the officials using a “quick start” procedure without sufficient warning and with Iowa being prepared.  With Minnesota having two full strokes before Iowa took their first, the Hawks were behind by a length in the first five strokes of the race.  The scramble to collect themselves caused further problems, including multiple crabs.  The Hawkeyes clawed back to get on terms with Minnesota by the 500m mark but the effort took its toll and the crew wasn’t able to sustain the effort.  The Gophers gained the advantage in the second half of the race and, while Iowa wouldn’t let them get too far, they weren’t able to dig out of the hole.  Minnesota finished with the one-length lead.
I Varsity Eight: Iowa was able to run the table in the flagship boat class.  The Hawkeyes finished a solid 7.5 second up on the No. 11 Wisconsin Badgers in the morning racing.  The crew got out to a great start, earning an early edge in the first 250m.  Hard-hitting moves over the next 1000m proved effective and, heading into the final 500m, the Hawkeyes had a clear water lead that they never gave up.  The Varsity took a similar approach against Minnesota in the afternoon, coming out swinging from the word, “Go.”  The Gophers wouldn’t let go so easily and stayed within striking distance over much of the course.  With only a boat-length lead at 1500m, the Hawkeyes laid down an aggressive finish to stretch the margin out to nearly five seconds by the finish, posting the fastest time on the course for the day.


I Varsity Eight: Naomi Visser, Elena Waiglein, Paige Schlapkohl, Hannah Greenlee, Hunter Koenigsfeld, Contessa Harold, Katie Pearson, Eve Stewart, Logan Jones (coxswain)
II Varsity Eight: Rachel Valentine, Kayla Jensen, Lucie Daman, Amalie Millerd, Nathalia Wellenreiter, Rachel Canon, Nina Lawrence, Claire Rutherford, Faith Wieland (coxswain)
I Varsity Four: Allison Blevins, Tessa Walsh, Andjela Milenkovic, Carly Millerd, Katie Becker (coxswain)
II Varsity Four: Elizabeth Keene, Anna Varley, Paige Przybylski, Keely Paus, Elizabeth Pritchard (coxswain)
I Novice Eight: Rachel Krum, Lauren Collier, Noelle Ossenkop, Erika Davidson, Riley Seufert, Molly Rygh, Kirsten Jurgersen, Amelia Juhl, Alexis Wolf (coxswain)

The Hawkeyes will travel to Providence, Rhode Island, to take on Brown and Harvard on April 20.