Our Recruitment

The University of Iowa women’s rowing team is looking for future Hawkeyes who have a strong desire to pursue excellence. These individuals are committed to being championship athletes, students and community members. They demonstrate actions that represent excellent teamwork and the importance of positive, productive, and cooperative relationships within a team. These athletes have an exceptional mental/physical approach to training and welcome the challenge of competing at the highest level of NCAA athletics. Future Hawkeyes are excited to be a part of the new generation and leave a legacy on and off the water.

Experienced Rowers

Please submit the following optional performance indicators and complete our questionnaire to begin your journey.

Preferred performance ergometer indicators

  • 2,000 meter ergometer at 110 drag factor
  • 6,000 meter ergometer at 110 drag factor
  • 1 minute at 110 drag factor
  • 10 stroke Peak Power at 190 drag factor *record highest watt*

*Sample recruitment video

Talent Transfers

Homegrown Hawkeyes

The Homegrown Hawkeye search is for Iowa’s top female athletes who are driven to transfer their athletic talents and compete at the highest level of NCAA athletics.  This identification program provides young Iowan’s a world-class education and premier athletic experience. Despite no prior rowing history, these athletes have become All-Big Ten honorees, All-Americans, and National Team members.


Do you have what it takes to be a Homegrown Hawkeye?!

  • Are you a High school junior or senior?
  • Are you taller than 5-9
  • Are you somebody who has high kinesthetic awareness?
  • Are you mentally tough, team oriented, coachable, and committed to excellence?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, you could have what it takes to become a Homegrown Hawkeye. Please use the links below to nominate yourself or another athlete.