Row at Iowa

Homegrown Hawkeyes

The Homegrown Hawkeyes program is an athletic talent search and scholarship opportunity for Iowa’s top female athletes. The search is aimed at athletes who have never rowed but are driven to compete at the highest level of NCAA athletics and would be excited to transfer their athletic talents to a new sport at the collegiate level.

This unique program provides an opportunity for Iowa’s top student-athletes to become key players in the next generation of Hawkeyes.

Homegrown Hawkeyes have helped lead the team to multiple top-10 national rankings, team-record NCAA Championship finishes and wins over World Championship medalists while on tour in Europe.

Do you have what it takes to be a Homegrown Hawkeye?

  • Are you a high school junior or senior in the state of Iowa?
  • Are you 5’9″ or taller?
  • Are you somebody who is athletically fit and coachable?
  • Are you mentally tough, team-oriented, and committed to excellence?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, use the links below to nominate yourself or another athlete.

To learn more about the Homegrown Hawkeye talent search and scholarship opportunity, please contact Coach Thurstin at