Hawkeyes Wrap Fall Season at Jayhawk Invitational

LAWRENCE, Kansas – The University of Iowa Varsity 8 and Varsity 4 crews both captured first-place finishes Saturday on the Kansas River at the Jayhawk Jamboree.

Iowa’s Varsity 8 finished the time trial race first among 13 boats in 17:50, more than 20 seconds ahead of runner-up Creighton. Iowa’s second Varsity 8 team placed second-runner up in 18:27, 37 seconds behind the No. 1 boat and just in front of the top crews from Kansas and Kansas State.

The Hawkeyes Varsity 4 separated itself by more than 10 seconds against runner-up Kansas, finishing in 19:57. Iowa second crew finished fourth among 14 boats, crossing 18.9 second behind the Hawkeyes winning boat.

Iowa’s top novice crews finished second and third in the 4+ and 8+ races, respectively. The top Novice 8 finished third among seven boats in 21:04, one and one-half minutes behind first-place Kansas.

Iowa’s top Novice 4 placed runner-up in a field of eight, finishing in 21:42 and 24 seconds behind Kansas State’s winning crew.

Iowa’s day got started by Hailey Mercuri in the single race. Mercuri was the only boat in singles event and she started behind all of the pairs (2-) and doubles (2x), yet she passed three of competing boats and finished with the fastest time.

“We’d like to thank Kansas for hosting and organizing a great event. It was a perfect day for racing. I’m proud of how each boat came together and raced today. Each crew got a little better today and we accomplished what we set out to do this weekend, race hard and have fun. Taking home medals is icing on the cake. Tonight we will enjoy the results and on Tuesday we’ll get back to work.”

The Jayhawk Jamboree was moved to Saturday after the threat of inclement weather compromised Sunday’s competition. The Jayhawk Jamboree was a head race and used a time-trial format. Boats were launched approximately 10-15 seconds apart from one another and the boat with the fastest time won the competition.

Saturday’s competition wraps Iowa’s fall competition schedule. The Hawkeyes return to action with scrimmages against SMU on Feb. 10 and Feb. 13 in Merritt Island, Florida. Iowa entertains on Lake MacBride consecutive weekends in April, hosting Michigan State and Tulsa on April 23, and Minnesota, Oregon State, UCF, USC and Wisconsin on April 30. The 2022 spring championship season marks the first time in school history Iowa hosts two home competitions.

2x, 2-, 1x RESULTS
Bow Team Finish Diff
115 University of Iowa 1X(A) 00:21:54.429; 00:00:00.000
111 University of Kansas 2-(B) 00:22:35.418; 00:00:40.989
112 University of Kansas 2-(C) 00:23:23.048; 00:01:28.619
110 University of Kansas 2-(A) 00:23:24.651; 00:01:30.222
113 University of Kansas 2-(D) 00:23:43.064; 00:01:48.635
114 University of Kansas 2-(E) 00:24:42.547; 00:02:48.118
1x: Hailey Mercuri

Bow Team Finish; Diff
122 University of Iowa (A) 00:19:57.502; 00:00:00.000
120 University of Kansas (A) 00:20:07.779; 00:00:10.277
123 University of Kansas (B) 00:20:13.423; 00:00:15.921
128 University of Iowa (C) 00:20:16.431; 00:00:18.929
121 Kansas State University (A) 00:20:22.210; 00:00:24.708
130 University of Iowa (D) 00:20:22.864; 00:00:25.362
131 University of Kansas (D) 00:20:29.982; 00:00:32.480
129 Kansas State University (C) 00:20:39.777; 00:00:42.275
133 University of Kansas (E) 00:20:47.439; 00:00:49.937
125 University of Iowa (B) 00:20:59.065; 00:01:01.563
127 University of Kansas (C) 00:21:00.282; 00:01:02.780
124 Kansas State University (B) 00:21:01.537; 00:01:04.035
132 Kansas State University (D) 00:21:05.553; 00:01:08.051
126 Creighton University (A) 00:23:39.650; 00:03:42.148
A: Cara Burns (coxswain), Lisa Murphy, Kirsten Jurgersen, Emma Mask, Shae Becker
B: Katie Hansen (coxswain) Mary Wright, Abbey Klostermann, Molly Rygh, Abbey Jaynes
PA: Ava Pariss (coxswain), Emma Dabinett, Nathalia Wellenreiter, Emmey Sherbon, Kasi McWhorter
PB: Maddie Kussatz (coxswain), Tori Michel, Ava Satterfield, Katrine Mortensen, Nina Lawrence

Bow Team Finish; Diff
140 University of Kansas (A) 00:19:33.968; 00:00:00.000
143 University of Kansas (B) 00:20:27.397; 00:00:53.429
141 University of Iowa (A) 00:21:04.718; 00:01:30.750
146 University of Kansas (C) 00:21:05.264; 00:01:31.296
142 Creighton University (A) 00:21:55.364; 00:02:21.396
145 Creighton University (B) 00:22:34.540; 00:03:00.572
144 University of Iowa (B) 00:24:14.958; 00:04:40.990
A: Natalie Maher (coxswain), Abby Thoms, Lily Beardsley, Myah Lugar, Delaney Knutson, Grace Ethofer, Tabitha Keith, Verity Carstensen, Natalie DeGabriele
B: Adrianna Symicek (coxswain), Elena James, Keleigh Hall, Paige Lauer, Alyssa Skala, Lauryn Leiato, Mandi Warren, Elyssa MacCormick, Caitlin Chex

Bow Team Finish; Diff
152 University of Iowa (A) 00:17:50.064; 00:00:00.000
153 Creighton University (A) 00:18:12.047; 00:00:21.983
155 University of Iowa (B) 00:18:27.101; 00:00:37.037
151 Kansas State University (A) 00:18:28.702; 00:00:38.638
150 University of Kansas (A) 00:18:29.956; 00:00:39.892
156 Kansas State University (B) 00:18:59.469; 00:01:09.405
154 University of Kansas (B) 00:19:05.947; 00:01:15.883
158 University of Iowa (C) 00:19:16.496; 00:01:26.432
159 University of Kansas (C) 00:19:54.476; 00:02:04.412
157 Creighton University (B) 00:20:05.424; 00:02:15.360
161 University of Kansas (D) 00:20:34.653; 00:02:44.589
160 University of Iowa (D) 00:20:35.405; 00:02:45.341
162 Creighton University (C) 00:20:47.592; 00:02:57.528
A: Ava Pariss (coxswain), Lisa Murphy, Nathalia Wellenreiter, Emma Dabinett, Kasi McWhorter, Hailey Mercuri, Abby Klosterman, Emma Mask, Kirsten Jurgersen
B: Cara Burns (coxswain), Emmlyn Dversdall, Heidi Hines, Katrine Mortenson, Riley Shultz, Molly Rygh, Livvy Osgood, Makenzie Streveler, Ellie Shaver
C: Adrianna Symicek (coxswain), Maggie Winegar, Ava Satterfield, Paige Leibfried, Jaecee Hall, Savannah Rupp, Liz Blewett, Laura Bates, Sydney Brands
D: Katie Hansen (coxswain), Taryn Lindaman, Maddy Timm, Grace Clark, Sonnie Evans, Malyna Stober, Melissa Cronnolly, Kenni Smith, Tiffany Bolanos

Bow Team Finish Diff
170 Kansas State University (A) 00:21:17.294; 00:00:00.000
171 University of Iowa (A) 00:21:42.159; 00:00:24.865
176 University of Kansas (B) 00:21:54.550; 00:00:37.256
175 University of Iowa (B) 00:21:57.161; 00:00:39.867
172 University of Kansas (A) 00:22:40.279; 00:01:22.985
178 University of Kansas (C) 00:23:02.780; 00:01:45.486
177 Creighton University (B) 00:25:16.508; 00:03:59.214
174 Creighton University (A) 00:28:14.920; 00:06:57.626
A: Maddie Kussatz (coxswain), Shreya Gaddi, Molly Shannon, Natalie Goetzman, Natalie DeGabriele
B: Natalie Maher (coxswain), Haley Reeves, McKenna Keen, Myah Lugar, Maggie Toeniss