Iowa Rowing faced Wisconsin, Minnesota, Drake and Oregon State

April 15, 2007

St. Paul, MN –

The University of Iowa women’s rowing team traveled to Lake Phalen for a double dual versus Oregon State, Drake, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Iowa competed in both novice and varsity events. The Hawkeyes claimed second in three of four of the varsity events and a first place finish in the novice event within its dual race.

The novice team faced Minnesota in both the second novice eight and the first novice eight. In the second novice eight Iowa scored a win over Minnesota (7:17.45) in a time of 7:15.65. The first novice eight finished behind Minnesota (6:50.40) crossing the finish line at 6:53.07.

In varsity action, the Hawkeyes raced in four different events, the first and second varsity fours and the first and second varsity eights. Iowa placed third behind Wisconsin (1st, 7:38.67) and Minnesota (2nd, 7:44.28) in a time of 8:03.17 in the second varsity four. Minnesota kept its momentum (7:50.98) taking a win in the varsity four over Iowa (8:11.23). In the second varsity eight, it was Minnesota again as Iowa finished in a time of 7:05.63. Iowa faced the tough Minnesota for one last race in the varsity eight. The Hawkeyes finished behind Minnesota in the varsity eight finishing at 6:49.24.

Iowa finished the regular season with this double dual. April 28, the Hawks travel to Madison, WI, for the Big Ten Championships.


1. IOWA 7:15.65
2. Minnesota 7:17.45

1. Wisconsin 6:59.57
2. Drake 7:23.58

1. Minnesota 6:50.40
2. IOWA 6:53.07

1. Wisconsin 6:47.29
2. Oregon State 6:47.94

1. Wisconsin 7:38.67
2. Minnsota 7:44.28
3. IOWA 8:03.17

1. Minnesota 7:50.98
2. IOWA 8:11.23

1. Wisconsin 7:44.71
2. Oregon State 7:45.27

1. Minnesota 6:51.62
2. IOWA 7:05.63

1. Oregon State 6:49.03
2. Wisconsin 6:53.84

1. Minnesota 6:40.92
2. IOWA 6:49.24

1. Oregon State 6:36.28
2. Wisconsin 6:42.58

1. Minnesota 6:54.74
2. Drake 6:58.13

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