On the Pool Deck: Anze Fers Erzen

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Anze Fers Erzen is a freshman on the University of Iowa swimming and diving team. Fers Erzen is a international student-athlete from Slovenia. 

You have a strong schedule, what goal does the team hope to accomplish?

“We all want to achieve a high ranking in the Big Ten and hopefully be a top four team.”

swimming graphicDo you have any personal goals for your freshman season?

“For my four-year goal, I want to win the Big Ten. For this season I want to figure out how everything works. Next year I want to make it to the Olympics for my country.”

How has your experience in the United States been so far?

“I love it. I feel very connected with the team. I like it here.”
What has been your favorite memory surrounding the team?

“I like how the team communicates with each other and how we are one big family. The energy between us is amazing.”

What is the best advice you were ever given by a coach?

“Coach Richard (Salhus) gave me some tips for improving my start and I saw results within a week. The learning curve here is very fast, but I like it.”

What made you choose Iowa?

“The balance between athletics and academics was something that I was looking for. It was a no brainer.”

If not swimming, what other sport would you participate in?

“Maybe gymnastics.”

What is your pre-meet ritual?

“I like to warm up with a lot of stretching and swimming in the pool. I warm up more than my teammates it seems, but I have noticed that it’s more European for people to do that.”

What is your favorite place to be on campus?

“The Gerdin Academic Learning Center has been a great place for me to study with my teammates and get work done.”

What is your favorite meal?

“Pasta with some different sauces, I can never get tired of pasta.”

Who is your favorite person on the team to be around and why?

“I’ve connected the best with John Colin. We get each other and he has been a good friend.”

Favorite Movie?

“D’Jango Unchained”

Favorite Book?

“Game of Thrones”