Hawkeyes Fall to Southern Methodist

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — The University of Iowa rowing team completed day one of its two-day event against Southern Methodist in Merritt Island, Florida, on Thursday. The Hawkeyes fell to the Mustangs in all three events.

The I Varsity Eight boat narrowly came up short with the Mustangs winning by four seconds, II Varsity Eight was outraced by eight seconds, and I Varsity Four finished the race 15 seconds behind.


“This was a tough way to start the season but I think it has some silver linings.  It was our squad’s second day rowing in over three and half months so there’s no doubt that the crews are pretty rusty.  We’ve never tried racing this early and we knew it was a challenge to go from zero to full racing speed in one day but, given how long everyone has waited for an opportunity, we wanted to get out there as soon as we could.

This result serves as a great motivator to get back on track as we get closer to being able to practice at home.  I’m confident that, given a bit of time, the crews will be able to get their stroke rate and boat speed up to where they need to be.  They’ve done some good fitness training the past few months – they just need some time back in the boats.

Great credit to the SMU crews and coaches.  That’s the best I’ve seen them in the past three years and I think they’re going to be having a great season this spring.”


I Varsity Four — Ava Parris, Laura Bates, Rachael Jones, Eldaleona Odole, Heidi Hines

II Varsity Eight — Kristen Jurgersen, Mackenzie Streveler, Kassandra McWhorter, Amalie Millerd, Contessa Harold, Kat Robbins, Katherine Becker, Nina Lawrence, Eleanor Heckman

I Varsity Eight — Hailey Mercuri, Emma Mask, Izzy Bowman, Molly Rygh, Hannah Greenlee, Emma Dabinett, Nathalia Wellenreiter, Katie Pearson, Elizabeth Keene



SMU – 7:18

Iowa – 7:33

SMU – 7:41


SMU – 6:26

Iowa – 6:34


SMU – 6:14

Iowa – 6:18


Fans can follow the Iowa rowing program on social media on Instagram (@iowa_rowing) and with live updates on Twitter (@iowarowing) and Facebook (iowawomensrowing).


The Hawkeyes will have a couple of days to regroup in Florida before they hit the water again on Sunday, March 7 in Merritt Island.

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