Hawkeyes Win 3 Races in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The University of Iowa rowing team competed in the Ohio State Duals on Saturday, taking on Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Oregon State. The Hawkeyes won three races and took second in six additional races.

It was a windy day in Columbus with head winds ranging from 7-15 miles per hour throughout the races.

During the afternoon races, Iowa’s II Varsity Four, I Novice Eight, and II Novice Eight boats won their races against Indiana and Oregon State. The II Varsity Four defeated Indiana by over 16 seconds, the I Novice Eight outraced the Hoosiers by almost 19 seconds, and the II Novice Eight dominated Michigan State by nearly 38 seconds.

In the morning race session, the Hawkeyes finished second against Michigan and Indiana in two races, including a close II Novice Eight race falling short by two seconds. Iowa’s II Varsity Four boat finished three second behind Michigan.

The afternoon session also included two close races, including a half-second second-place finish by the I Varsity Eight boat behind Indiana. The II Varsity Eight boat and I Varsity Four were a second and a half behind the Hoosiers to take second.


“It was great to get back to race course in earnest. With four other Big Ten teams, this was a great opportunity for our team to get a feel for the standard within the conference. I saw a great deal of improvement over our first event against Southern Methodist, and it’s clear our crews are gaining speed on a daily basis right now. I expect the other teams in the Big Ten to be doing the same in the coming weeks now that we’re all back on the water, so we still have the challenge of trying to outpace the progress of an incredibly talented conference of rivals. We’ll have that in mind as we get back to training this week.”

FINAL RESULTS (Full Results Linked Above)

Vs. Michigan, Indiana

II Varsity 4:

Michigan 7:30.00

Iowa 7:53.99

II Novice 8:

Michigan 7:20.25

Iowa 7:22.35

Vs. Indiana, Oregon State

I Varsity 8

Indiana 7:10.80

Iowa 7:11.46

Oregon State 7:13.53

II Varsity 8

Indiana 7:01.85

Iowa 7:03.35

Oregon State 7:11.53

I Varsity Four

Oregon State 8:04.60

Iowa 8:06.25

Indiana 8:11.51

II Varsity 4:

Iowa 8:33.30

Indiana 8:49.17

I Novice 8

Iowa 7:42.60

Indiana 8:01.76

II Novice 8

Iowa 8:12.25

Michigan State 8:50.74



Hailey Mercuri

Katya Robbins

Hannah Greenlee

Molly Rygh

Contessa Harold

Emma Dabinett

Nathalia Wellenreiter

Katie Pearson

Katie Becker (coxswain)


Kirsten Jurgersen

Makenzie Streveler

Shae Becker

Nina Lawrence

Kasi McWhorter

Amalie Millerd

Isabel Bowman

Emma Mask

Elizabeth Keene (coxswain)


Heidi Hines

Laura Bates

Abby Jaynes

Rachael Joes

Ella Heckman (coxswain)


Kendal Tucker

Emily Jensen

Madison Shultz

Ellie Odole

Ava Parris (coxswain)


Madelyn Timm

Madeline Kussatz

Adrianna Symicek

Grace Clark

Kaitlyn Hansen (coxswain)


Ellie Shaver

Maggie Winegar

Elora Fierke

Tori Michel

Jaecee Hall

Taryn Lindaman

Livvy Osgood

Emmlyn Dversdall

Kelly McGee (coxswain)


Sydney Brands

Claire Wragge

Sonnie Evans

Paige Leibfried

Liz Blewett

Emmey Sherbon

Savannah Rupp

Olivia Remmert

Madysen Hess (coxswain)


Fans can follow the Iowa rowing program on social media on Instagram (@iowa_rowing), Twitter (@iowarowing), and Facebook (iowawomensrowing).


The Hawkeyes head to Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 17-18 for the Big Ten Invitational.