Iowa Impresses on Home Water

SOLON, Iowa — The 18th-ranked University of Iowa rowing team hosted No. 16 Minnesota, No. 19 Wisconsin, Kansas, and Drake on MacBride Lake in Solon, Iowa, Saturday morning.

Perfect weather conditions in the morning set the stage for six races, including an Iowa victory in the II Novice 8 by over ten seconds. The Hawkeyes finished in second in the I Novice 8, I Varsity 4, and I Varsity 8. Both the I Novice 8 and I Varsity 4 placed the Hawkeyes within ten seconds of the winner, and the I Varsity 8 came down to the end with Iowa finishing .5 seconds behind Minnesota.

Iowa took third in the competitive II Varsity 8 which had them within eight seconds of the winner, Minnesota.

“We had a good, tough week of training, switching things around and facing some adversity, but as a crew we were able to pull off a well hard-fought race to keep up with Wisconsin and Minnesota in the first 1k,” Izzy Bowman, the senior from Leesburg, Va. said. “I think we can work on finishing the race off stronger and getting that sprint in to stay competitive.

“The sun was shining, we were able to show our black and gold, and the environment that the athletics department created for us really brought a lot of enthusiasm into performing well for today’s race.”


“We had some personnel changes due to medical reasons this week, so we had some newer people jump in, and some of the areas we were working on was bringing them up to speed and a little bit less energy spent on actually improving some of our tactics.”

“We’ve seen some improvement across the board, and I’m especially excited for the women who jumped in this weekend when we needed them, and I thought they did a tremendous job.”

When asked about improvements going forward Coach Carter said, “In the middle section of the race we allowed things to get away from us a little bit. There was so much talk about the finish, and maybe we we’re looking towards that. We need to bear down in the bulk of the racecourse so when we do kick in with that sprint, it caps it off for us.”


The Hawkeyes will head to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to race against Michigan and Louisville on May 2 at Belleville Lake.

Final Results:

II Novice 8

  1. Iowa: 7:14.50
  2. Wisconsin: 7:24.91
  3. Minnesota: 7:34.51

I Novice 8

  1. Wisconsin: 6:54.90
  2. Iowa: 7:04.97
  3. Minnesota: 7:05.78
  4. Drake: 8:30.90

II Varsity 4

  1. Wisconsin: 7:29.80
  2. Minnesota: 7:42.11
  3. Kansas: 7:55.91
  4. Iowa: 8:07.93
  5. Iowa: 8:15.48
  6. Drake: 8:50.18

I Varsity 4

  1. Wisconsin: 7:27.83
  2. Iowa: 7:36.03
  3. Minnesota: 7:40.45
  4. Kansas: 7:57.96
  5. Drake 8:38.36

II Varsity 8

  1. Minnesota: 6:42.66
  2. Wisconsin: 6:44.59
  3. Iowa: 6:50.29
  4. Kansas: 7:05.91
  5. Drake: 7:18.48

I Varsity 8

  1. Minnesota: 6:30.72
  2. Iowa: 6:31.25
  3. Wisconsin: 6:36.01
  4. Kansas: 6:46.45
  5. Drake: 7:10.08