Hawkeyes Win III Varsity 4 at Big Ten Invitational

SARASOTA, Fla. – University of Iowa rowing began its first full-roster regatta of the season at the Big Ten Invitational at Nathan Benderson Park on Friday.

Iowa’s I Varsity Eight crew placed third in both the morning and afternoon races, finishing a second faster than Wisconsin. The II Varsity Eight boat finished second behind 10th-ranked Duke in its morning session, then came in fourth in the afternoon.

The Hawkeyes’ I Varsity Four boat placed second in the morning race, falling shy of Duke. The same crew dropped over three seconds off its morning time with a third-place finish during the afternoon session.

The II Varsity Four boat opened Friday’s races for the Hawkeyes in the morning with a second-place finish, then knocked nearly six seconds off its previous time with a third-place finish. Iowa’s II Varsity Four crew placed second in the morning, and then topped its morning time by 22.451 seconds to place first in the afternoon race, defeating Ohio State, Wisconsin and Notre Dame.

Iowa’s I Novice boat Eight competed in the third varsity eight morning and afternoon races, placing third and finishing 5.544 seconds ahead of Big Ten foe Michigan State in the morning. The same crew went on to finish fourth in the afternoon session. The II Novice Eight crew saw its first action of the spring season, finishing fourth in both its races.

The Hawkeyes will be back for the final day of the Big Ten Invitational on Saturday, April 16. Competition is set to begin at 7:30 a.m. (CT).

I Varsity Eight
1. Duke: 6:28.757
2. Minnesota: 6:30.510
3. Iowa: 6:32.714
4. Notre Dame: 6:49.290
1. Tennessee: 6:34.529
2. Virginia: 6:35.076
3. Iowa: 6:40.406
4. Wisconsin: 6:41.832

Iowa: Ava Parris (coxswain), Emma Dabinett, Abbey Klostermann, Lisa Murphy, Kasi McWhorter, Taryn Lindaman, Hailey Mercuri, Emma Mask, Orla Cuffe

II Varsity Eight
1. Duke: 6:40.731
2. Iowa: 6:48.867
3. Notre Dame: 6:50.077
4. Minnesota: 6:50.901
1. Virginia: 6:41.105
2. Tennessee: 6:52.275
3. Wisconsin: 6:57.262
4. Iowa: 6:58.952

Iowa: Adrianna Symicek (coxswain), Mary Wright, Molly Rygh, Kirsten Jurgersen, Abby Jaynes, Shae Becker, Laura Bates, Nina Lawrence, Mackenzie Streveler

III Varsity Eight (I Novice Eight)
1. Virginia: 6:46.955
2. Ohio State: 6:55.985
3. Iowa: 7:06.045
4. Michigan State: 7:11.589
1. Stanford: 6:53.024
2. Rutgers: 7:03.951
3. Minnesota: 7:06.978
4. Iowa: 7:13.288

Iowa: Natalie Maher (coxswain), Ava Satterfield, Molly Shannon, Abby Thoms, Grace Ethofer, Margaret Toennis, Verity Carstensen, Myah Lugar, Natalie DeGabriele

IV Varsity Eight (II Novice Eight)
1. Michigan: 7:07.200
2. Wisconsin: 7:18.330
3. Indiana: 7:22.943
4. Iowa: 7:30.320
1. Wisconsin: 7:19.505
2. Ohio State: 7:20.882
3. Minnesota: 7:23.638
4. Iowa: 7:48.068

Iowa: Elena James (coxswain), Lily Beardsley, Haley Reeves, Shreya Gaddi, Tabitha Keith, Natalie Goetzman, Delaney Knutson, Kenni Smith, Bailey Shafer

I Varsity Four
1. Duke: 7:37.703
2. Iowa: 7:46.483
3. Notre Dame: 7:50.656
4. Minnesota: 7:57.630
1. Virginia: 7:29.501
2. Wisconsin: 7:39.608
3. Iowa: 7:43.178
4. Tennessee: 8:12.278

Iowa: Cara Burns (coxswain), Jaecee Hall, Elora Fierke, Heidi Hines, Livvy Osgood

II Varsity Four
1. Duke: 7:53.551
2. Iowa: 7:57.351
3. Minnesota: 7:58.797
4. Notre Dame: 8:03.184
1. Virginia: 7:29.051
2. Wisconsin: 7:34.064
3. Iowa: 7:51.621
4. Tennessee: 8:05.141

Iowa: Kaitlyn Hansen (coxswain), Claire Wragge, Kendall Tucker, Victoria Michel, Ellie Shaver

III Varsity Four
1. Michigan: 7:42.700
2. Iowa: 8:01.096
3. Wisconsin: 8:10.763
4. Tennessee: 8:39.810
1. Iowa: 7:38.645
2. Ohio State: 7:41.901
3. Wisconsin: 7:50.651
4. Notre Dame: 7:55.025

Iowa: McKenna Keen (coxswain), Paige Leibfried, Liz Blewett, Maggie Winegar, Riley Shultz

"The Hawkeyes bounced back today and had really competitive performances across the board. We showed our true Hawkeye spirit and fought hard in every race and every round today. Valuable lessons were learned once again and we are excited to get back out on the water tomorrow and compete."

Head Coach Jeff Garbutt