Hawkeyes Dominate Day 1 in Kansas

Kansas City, Kan. – The University of Iowa rowing team competed in the Big Ten/Big 12 Double dual on Friday at Wyandotte County Lake.

The Hawkeyes competed in the 1V8, 2V8, 3V8, 4V8, 1V4, 2V4, and 3V4 with a field consisting of Kansas State, Minnesota, and Oklahoma.

Iowa’s top placements of the day came from six of Iowa’s seven boats all placing first to start off the weekend.

Hawkeyes will return to action tomorrow morning beginning at 8 a.m. (CT) with the 2V4 boat to take on Kansas.

Quoting Head Coach Jeff Garbutt
“Today was a really big step forward as a program. Winning 6 out of 7 races is no easy task. Being able to, once again, race and learn valuable information about our speed. Learning how to handle the pressures of racing and what we need to continue to work on for our late season goals. I am really excited for the first years and all the athletes that won their first races today. It’s always great to see their excitement and to have their hard work pay off. With day one in the books, it’s time to refocus, reflect and relax. Tomorrow should be another challenging day and I look forward to seeing how the Hawkeyes respond. Go Hawks!”

Varsity Eight
1 Iowa (6:54.16)
2 Kansas State (7:06.59)
Iowa: Natalie Maher (cox), Orla Cuffe, Emma Dabinett, Karire Evans, Claire Wragge, Molly Shannon, Taryn Lindaman, Abbey Klostermann, Hailey Mercuri

II Varsity Eight
1 Iowa (7:07.83)
2 Kansas State (7:21.37)
Iowa: Cara Burns (cox), Emma Mask, Ella Grove, Elora Fierke, Abby Jaynes, Lily Beardsley, Jaecee Hall, Liz Blewett, Haley Reeves

III Varsity Eight
1 Oklahoma (7:03.30)
2 Kansas State (7:10.57)
3 Iowa (7:14.48)
Iowa: Taylor Arbuckle (cox), Meghan Harris, Avery Schmidt, Lauren Adams, Evan Schwickerath, Emma Tate, Nina Osborne, Elise Gosset, Laura Murphy

IV Varsity Eight
1 Iowa (7:11.88)
2 Oklahoma (7:30.19)
Iowa: Madeline Reid (cox), Ashley Owen, Soph Pepper, Grace Papson, Eileen Fierke, Imani Hedt, Alyssa Hinderaker, Avery Moore, Katherine Ebeling

Varsity Four
1 Iowa (7:49.29)
2 Kansas State (7:54.47)
Iowa: Kimberly Marquez (cox), Scarlett Maleham, Riley Shultz, Annabel Rayner, Emma Rayner

II Varsity Four
1 Iowa (7:59.65)
2 Kansas State (8:40.72)
Iowa: Carissa Cochico (cox), Mackenzie Steveler, Emmey Sherbon, Olivia Smothers, Olivia Taeger

III Varsity Four
1 Iowa (7:55.96)
2 Minnesota (8:19.04)
Iowa: Taylor Lee (cox), Katie Jorgensen, Abby Thoms, Myah Lugar, Haley Hayes