Dear Future Hawkeyes,

Thank you for your interest in the University of Iowa and the Iowa Cheerleaders. We are excited to announce our tryouts through a recruiting-based model for placement on the Iowa Cheerleading team.

The Iowa Cheerleaders are a part of the University of Iowa Athletic Department under the Iowa Spirit Squads. Along with the Iowa Dance Team and Herky the Hawk – our iconic mascot, we represent the University of Iowa at not only athletic events, but university and alumni events, and on the national level as we compete at UCA College Nationals. We cheer at over fifty games a year and participate in a multitude of public relations events throughout the year. The opportunities for you are endless. We travel to away football games, post-season Bowl games, basketball tournaments and college camp. During games and events, you will have the ability to interact and communicate with thousands of alumni and influential supporters. On campus, our athletes receive academic support, strength training, access to an athletic trainer, as well as nutritional and mental health support. These opportunities offer a great way for you to represent the University of Iowa while getting a collegiate education from one of the top Division IA schools in the country.

We are looking for not only the best male and female athletes, but the most well-rounded Cheerleaders, on the field/floor, in practice, in the classroom and in public settings. We believe commitment to the team is key to the success of the team. Iowa Cheerleaders are hard working, dedicated, respectful, and well spoken athletes who can represent the University of Iowa in the best way possible at all times.

How to Get Recruited

  • Fill out the Recruiting Questionnaire – Due by February 1st
  • Upload required YouTube videos – skills/interviews – Due by February 1st
  • Turn in Letter of Recommendation – Due by February 1st
  • Attend Clinic/Combine/1:1 Skills Zoom
  • Apply to and be accepted to The University of Iowa

If you are serious about being an Iowa Cheerleader, be sure to fill out the recruiting questionnaire, communicate with me frequently, come to clinics/combines, and set up a time to visit campus. I want to make sure the University of Iowa is a good fit for you academically and the campus feels like home to you.

Be sure to look through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for answers to many of the most common inquiries. If you have any additional questions after reading through the information provided, please reach out to me at any time. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Gregg Niemiec
Head Coach of the Iowa Cheerleaders
Spirit Coordinator for Iowa Spirit Squads