Season Opens At The Head Of The Rock

Oct. 7, 2007


The University of Iowa rowing team competed on Sunday at the Head of the Rock Regatta. The Hawkeyes opened the season with impressive top five finishes in every event they competed in, including a second place finish in the varsity pairs.

In the women’s collegiate championship eights the Hawkeyes finished in fourth with a time of 15:47.90 just behind the University of Wisconsin. The second boat placed 10th posting a time of 16:33.0.

The Hawkeyes placed fourth and fifth in the women’s collegiate championship fours, posting times of 18:07.00 and 18:09.00, respectively.

The highlight of the day for the Hawkeyes came in the women’s collegiate pairs where Kristin Kelly and Laura Kanaris took second place with a time of 18:14.0. Other Hawkeye boats placed 10th (19:02.80), 13th(19:20.50), 17th (19:53.30) and 21st (20:36.00) in this event.

“I was surprised in a positive way,” said Hawkeye Head Coach Mandi Kowal. “I’m excited to go home and work on the things we need to work on and go to the next race.”

The Hawkeyes will return to the water for competition on October 19th for the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA.

Women’s Collegiate Championship Eights
(Top Five plus Iowa)
1.Wisconsin 15:34
2.Notre Dame 15:42
3.Wisconsin 15:44
4.Iowa 15:47.90
5.Purdue 15:54
13.Iowa 16:33

Women’s Collegiate Championship Fours
(Top Five)
1. Wisconsin 17:24
2. Wisconsin 17:30
3. Wisconsin 17:47
4. Iowa 18:07
5. Iowa 18:09

Women’s Collegiate Pairs
(Top Three plus Iowa)
1. Wisconsin 18:40
2. Iowa 18:14
3. Wisconsin 18:24.20
10. Iowa 19:02.80
13. Iowa 19:20.50
17. Iowa 19:53.30
21. Iowa 20:36

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