Iowa Places Fifth At Big Ten Championships

May 3, 2009

COLUMBUS, OH – The University of Iowa rowing team placed fifth in the team scoring Saturday at the Big Ten Championships on Griggs Reservoir. The Hawkeyes earned 60 points as they qualified for the petite finals with all six boats. Michigan State took the Big Ten title with 137 team points.

Iowa’s 1N8+ just missed the grand finals when Michigan State edged them out by less than a second in the morning qualifier. They came back to take second in the petite final with a time of 6:38.404. Also placing second in the petite finals were the 1V4+ (7:17.901) and the 2V4+ (7:17.888). The 2N8+ finished third in its petite final with a time of 6:52.069.

Iowa’s top two finishers came from its varsity eights. The 1V8+ (6:18.872) and the 2V8+ (6:34.492) both finished first in their respective petite finals. The 1V8+ missed qualifying for the grand finals by 1.7 seconds against tough competition. No. 7 ranked Ohio State and 14th-ranked Wisconsin were also in the race.

Head Coach Mandi Kowal was happy to see her team take another positive step forward.

“We scored more points than we have in five years, and it was a very fast year,” said Kowal. “This group showed a lot of heart and passion, and we are definitely moving in the right direction which is really important.”

Additionally, Big Ten sportsmanship and first and second team all-conference teams were announced Saturday.

Junior Sheila Rinozzi was named to the all-Big Ten first team while sophomore Jess Novack was named to the all-Big Ten second team. Senior Hannah Miller was a Big Ten sportsmanship honoree.

“All three kids that received awards are more than deserving,” said Kowal. “They bring leadership, physicality and heart to the team that unifies us and makes us better.”

Iowa will return to the water May 16-17 when they travel to Oakridge, TN, to compete in the Central Regionals.

1V4+ Petite Final
1. Michigan State 7:08.081
2. IOWA 7:17.901
3. Indiana 7:40.813

2V4+ Petite Final
1. Minnesota 7:06.982
2. IOWA 7:17.888

1N8+ Petite Final
1. Minnesota 6:36.950
2. IOWA 6:38.404
3. Indiana 6:46.740

2N8+ Petite Final
1. Ohio State 6:45.805
2. Minnesota 6:47.151
3. IOWA 6:52.069

1V8+ Petite Final
1. IOWA 6:18.872
2. Minnesota 6:19.726
3. Indiana 6:37.678

2V8+ Petite Final
1. IOWA 6:34.492
2. Minnesota 6:38.160
3. Indiana 6:42.766

Team Scoring
1. Michigan State 137
2. Michigan 126
3. Ohio State 123
4. Wisconsin 113
5. IOWA 60
6. Minnesota 59
7. Indiana 24