Ferentz on ESPN: 'Listen, talk candidly'

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Before University of Iowa football focuses on ball security and tackling, the Hawkeyes will listen and talk candidly about current events that have gripped the country since May 25.

Football insertHead coach Kirk Ferentz was a guest on ESPN SportsCenter on Thursday evening, answering questions from Scott Van Pelt ranging from social justice to spending time with families during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Whenever we do get back to football, ball security, good tackling, all those things are going to be paramount, but there is a lot more going on that is more important,” Ferentz said during a four-minute interview. “It starts with listening to each other and talking candidly. We as coaches have witnessed a lot of that with members of our team. We’re proud of them.”

Ferentz closed the interview with a light-hearted glimpse at retirement, and if his wife Mary has anything to say about it, that won’t be anytime soon.

“After about four days (sheltering in place), she clearly decided I’m not even close to retirement,” Ferentz said. “I have a hall pass for a while from her.”

"The best thing about sports is that for any good team to be successful it has to exchange ideas; the key thing is being respectful of each other. We can learn a lot in society from teams that do things right and function well together."

UI football head coach Kirk Ferentz