Rowing Concludes Busy Day in East Lansing, Mich.

March 30, 2013

EAST LANSING, Mich — The University of Iowa Women’s rowing team competed in East Lansing, Mich. on Saturday in an event featuring Michigan State, Notre Dame and Michigan. Action was held on Grand River in East Lansing.

The Hawkeyes started out the meet in the Novice 8, placing second (7:31.1) behind the Notre Dame boat A (7:26.00) and in front of Notre Dame boat B (7:47.9). In the 3V4, Iowa came in third place with a time of 8:44.95 behind Notre Dame (8:14.60) and Michigan (7:46.65). The Hawkeyes beat Notre Dame in the 2V4 with a time of 8:18.7, with the Irish coming in with a time of 8:23.3.

In the V4, Iowa came in second place behind Notre Dame with a time of 8:18.5. In the 2V8, the Hawkeyes came in second to Notre Dame with a time of 7:10.85 Iowa placed second with a time of 7:19.7 in the Varsity 8 and Notre Dame came in first with a time of 6:55.1.

Iowa placed third in the Novice 8 against Michigan, finishing behind two Wolverine boats in 7:36.43. Next up was the 3V4 against Michigan and Notre Dame, with Iowa placing third in 9:06.6. The Wolverines topped Iowa in the 2V4, as the Hawkeyes crossed the line in 8:38.24.

Action continued in the Varsity 4 against Michigan, with Iowa finishing behind the Wolverines in 8:32.04.

Michigan topped Iowa in the final two races, as the Hawkeyes finished second in the 2V8 (7:15.85) and the V8 (7:30.41).

“Losing by a large margin in the top 8 takes a unique combination of frustration and patience,” head coach Steve Pritzker said. “We obviously would like our practices to carry over to racing, and it is at least encouraging to see some of our younger boats not being fazed by racing some of the top boats in the country.

“We will continue to work on building self-confidence and racing as we head west to face a loaded San Diego Crew Classic field next weekend,” Pritzker said.”

The Hawkeyes will travel to San Diego next weekend to compete in the San Diego Crew Classic.

Iowa Lineups vs. Notre Dame
1V8Zoe Lewis (cox), Susie Stralina, Hunter Terry, Katy Kroll, Edwina Flakemore, Lauren Subler, Laura Hallman, Erin Czupil, Brianna Achs
2V8Clare Simms (cox), Mackenzie Norton, Zoe Ribar, April Podbregar, Louise Bensz, Jessica Streur, Gabrielle Watson, Nicole Mitchell, Nina Hendriks
3V4Melissa Dawkins, Lauren Gonzalez, Hannah Rochford, Emily Abbott, Charlotte Small (cox)
2V4Sally Risk, Allison Hanson, Betsy Lawson, Rachel Crosley, Destinee Gwee (cox)
V4Mary Stump, Sarah Rhoads, Rebecca Thompson, Alyssa Armstrong, Sarah Bartlett (cox)

Iowa Lineups vs. Michigan
1V8Zoe Lewis (cox), Erin Czupil, Hunter Terry, Katy Kroll, Edwina Flakemore, Susie Stralina, Louise Bensz, April Podbregar, Gabrielle Watson
2V8Clare Simms (cox), Mackenzie Norton, Zoe Ribar, Lauren Subler, Brianna Achs, Jessica Streur, Laura Hallman, Nicole Mitchell, Nina Hendriks
V4Mary Stump, Sarah Rhoads, Allison Hanson, Rebecca Thompson, Sarah Bartlett (cox)
2V4Sally Risk, Alyssa Armstrong, Betsy Lawson, Rachel Crosley, Destinee Gwee (cox)
3V4Melissa Dawkins, Lauren Gonzalez, Emma Ramirez, Emily Abbott, Charlotte Small (cox)